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A story of WHY

Meet Sarah Archibald

Sarah Archibald, founder of Sit Back Cushion Cap, was born, raised, and educated in St. Louis, MO. She moved to Denver, CO, in 1980, became a wife and a mother of 2 children by 1983.  In 1984, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as Sarcoidosis. Sarah’s entire body has been dramatically affected because of this disease. All of her major organs, especially her lungs, were compromised. She suffered from chronic bronchitis, then chronic pleurisy, then chronic pneumonia. Can you imagine: Suffering with pneumonia 10 times; being on oxygen 5 years straight—24/7; having to take Prednisone for over 20 years? In recent years, Sarah has been diagnosed with 5 additional autoimmune diseases, has been strickened  with blood clots (4 times), shingles (5 times), staph infections (2 times),

and  Covid-19.  


Personal experiences have, certainly, helped Sarah gain a deeper understanding of how components, harmful to the immune system, would have a negative effect on her well-being, as well as the well-being of others. Throughout countless hours with physicians and nurses and in the course of numerous hospitalizations, surgeries, follow-up visits, and research, Sarah has gained quite a bit of knowledge on how to properly protect herself, health wise, while in varied public environments. 


When traveling or even going to the movies, she needed something that would assist in minimizing her contact with bacteria, viruses, germs, toxins, and parasites which are transferrable to the seats through the clothes and hair of others in public places. Realizing that something was needed to help defend her body against these unwanted “intruders”, the vision of Sit Back Cushion Cap was born!



Our mission is to provide customers with a comfortable, attractive, disposable, germ-fighting seat cover that protects them from the transference of soils, bed bugs, lice, and other health-compromising agents.

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